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Web UX

Multitude Insights

Multitude Insights is a Cambridge-based technology company that provides "intelligent tools for public safety". They engaged my team of UX Designers to redesign and flesh out their flagship application: BLTN. By harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing artificial intelligence, BLTN helps law enforcement investigate and collaborate across departments and jurisdictions. 


Butler Sporting Goods

Butler Sporting Goods is a local sports equipment and apparel store in Barnstable, MA. Serving a loyal customer base on Cape Cod for over 40 years, Butler prides itself on offering the personal touch that other name brand giants – like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Marathon Sports – do not. As such, their website is simple and minimalist. Unfortunately, the site navigation is correspondingly primitive and cluttered. I wanted to clean it up and hopefully add a little life to the interface…

Jiffy Gift

Jiffy Gift is a gift consulting service. Users seeking quality gift options can submit a "gift request" and receive ideas from gift experts within 48 hours. 

The primary objective of Jiffy Gift is to simplify the process of finding a gift. By tailoring gift suggestions to each individual giver and recipient, we're able to limit the cumbersome effects of overchoice. 

*This project is in early stages, but check out the prototype and stay tuned!

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