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Mobile UX

Identity Guard

Identity Guard is an industry-leading identity protection service, operating as a subsidiary of parent company, Aura. By utilizing the power of IBM Watson artificial intelligence, Identity Guard is able to offer customers immediate alerts any time the system senses a breach. My team’s goal was to find a way to help Identity Guard empower its customers to be more proactive in their own identity protection. We settled on a chat feature…


Juego is an app in-the-making designed to help users find games from across the globe.

Have you ever wondered what children in Bangladesh play to pass the time, or what couples at a cocktail party in Norway play to break the ice? Juego does.

Search Juego for specific countries or tap the globe to get random results, and find your new favorite game!

Explore the prototype! *Note: not all interactions are live.


Do you ever find yourself wishing for a reason to get out of the house, but then struggling to figure out what to do? We’ve all been there – and now there’s help! MyFind is a simple yet powerful mobile app that can help you find fun, healthy and engaging offerings in your area. MyFind will help you discover a new hiking path or serve up your next favorite meal from the Mexican place down the block! 

Explore the prototype! *Note: not all interactions are active.


MyFind is a personal design project in-the-making, and is being designed and generated through the use of the following UX methods:


  • Contextual inquiry

  • Feature inventory

  • Low-to-high-fidelity prototypes

  • Usability testing

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