Identity Guard

Identity Guard is an industry-leading identity protection service, operating as a subsidiary of parent company, Aura. By utilizing the power of IBM Watson artificial intelligence, Identity Guard is able to offer customers immediate alerts any time the system senses a breach. My team’s goal was to find a way to help Identity Guard empower its customers to be more proactive in their own identity protection. We settled on a chat feature.

Client: Identity Guard 


Timeframe: 3-week design sprint


Objective: Mobile website feature redesign

Role: UX Designer 


Team: 2 UX Designers (+ me)   


Tools: Figma, Google Workspace

The Ask

Identity Guard needed a feature to help motivate and empower users to be more proactive when it came to identity protection.

Identity Guard mobile website.png
Identity Guard chat - sign in.png

The Challenge

The tools and resources that identity guard offered to support users’ proactivity were not easily accessible – i.e. on the home page. In addition, customer support services were spotty and unreliable, which frustrated users when they needed help finding information.


The Process

The Process (Timeline) - Identity Guard_
  • To start, I conducted a business analysis of Identity Guard, to understand the company and the product.

  • Once I had a core understanding of Identity Guard from the business analysis, I then conducted a competitive and comparative (c + c) analysis, in the form of a feature inventory, in order to understand how Identity Guard stacks up against similar companies - e.g. LifeLock, Identity Defense, etc. In doing so, I learned that Identity Guard was one of the leaders in terms of feature offerings.

Survey Findings - Identity Guard_edited.jpg
  • I then moved on to surveying (potential) users to understand their habits and motivations. From the 13 respondents, I was able to learn valuable insights like the following…

    • 54% selected their phone as the device they use most.

    • 84% do not currently use identity protection services.

    • 84% believe that their information is already safe.

    • 54% “don’t really think about identity theft protection, BUT would be interested to know more…"

  • From the survey responses, I was able to schedule 7 interviews, in order to dig deeper. I also looked at Identity Guard reviews, to gather feedback directly from users. 

  • With everything gathered from the c + c analysis, surveying, interviews and reviews, I was able to generate a persona to embody our target user.

  • With Alex, the persona, in mind I started generating ideas for how to improve the customer support and information access. By mapping out current and proposed user flows, I was able to streamline the process for users to find information and/or support.

  • By hand-sketching a rough design I was able to get an initial feel for how my “chat” solution would behave. From there, I developed grayscale wireframes, which I then converted to a hi-fidelity prototype


The Solution

A user-friendly chat feature, offering direct access to Live Agent customer support and search-specific resource articles


The Reflection

Upon review and from early usability feedback, my team learned that some of the nomenclature for chat options – e.g. “financial monitoring” – were not intuitive. Were I to revisit this product, I would conduct further usability tests to better understand how to minimize friction and increase customer satisfaction.