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Hi! I'm Will Campo, a UX designer and UX writer. 


I’m the person who opens an app and envisions how it could be better or the shopper who wishes the checkout flow of an e-commerce website were more intuitive. By researching, designing, writing, creating and testing – and then doing it all over again – I aim to enhance your experience in the digital world. 

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Backed by research, and validated by usability testing, good design is at the crossroads of functionality and art. From user research and “persona” development to prototyping and testing, I thrive in every aspect of user experience (UX) design. Nobody has all the answers, but I’ve learned that doesn’t matter – because it’s more important to have the right questions.


Words matter. They can help you find information; they can share ideas; and they can tell stories. But they can also confuse, divide and distort. Like any tool – language is what you make of it. Personally, I like to use it for good.



Identity Guard

Identity Guard is an industry-leading identity protection service, operating as a subsidiary of parent company, Aura. By utilizing the power of IBM Watson artificial intelligence, Identity Guard is able to offer customers immediate alerts any time the system senses a breach. My team’s goal was to find a way to help Identity Guard empower its customers to be more proactive in their own identity protection. We settled on a chat feature…


Juego is an app in-the-making designed to help users find games from across the globe.

Have you ever wondered what children in Bangladesh play to pass the time, or what couples at a cocktail party in Norway play to break the ice? Juego does.

Search Juego for specific countries or tap the globe to get random results, and find your new favorite game!

Explore the prototype! *Note: not all interactions are live.


Do you ever find yourself wishing for a reason to get out of the house, but then struggling to figure out what to do? We’ve all been there – and now there’s help! MyFind is a simple yet powerful mobile app that can help you find fun, healthy and engaging offerings in your area. MyFind will help you discover a new hiking path or serve up your next favorite meal from the Mexican place down the block! 

Explore the prototype! *Note: not all interactions are active.


MyFind is a personal design project in-the-making, and is being designed and generated through the use of the following UX methods:


  • Contextual inquiry

  • Feature inventory

  • Low-to-high-fidelity prototypes

  • Usability testing

Multitude Insights

Multitude Insights is a Cambridge-based technology company that provides "intelligent tools for public safety". They engaged my team of UX Designers to redesign and flesh out their flagship application: BLTN. By harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing artificial intelligence, BLTN helps law enforcement investigate and collaborate across departments and jurisdictions. 


Butler Sporting Goods

Butler Sporting Goods is a local sports equipment and apparel store in Barnstable, MA. Serving a loyal customer base on Cape Cod for over 40 years, Butler prides itself on offering the personal touch that other name brand giants – like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Marathon Sports – do not. As such, their website is simple and minimalist. Unfortunately, the site navigation is correspondingly primitive and cluttered. I wanted to clean it up and hopefully add a little life to the interface…

Jiffy Gift

Jiffy Gift is a gift consulting service. Users seeking quality gift options can submit a "gift request" and receive ideas from gift experts within 48 hours. 

The primary objective of Jiffy Gift is to simplify the process of finding a gift. By tailoring gift suggestions to each individual giver and recipient, we're able to limit the cumbersome effects of overchoice. 

*This project is in early stages, but check out the prototype and stay tuned!


Other projects...



Multitude Insights

Matt, CEO

"Will was fantastic to work with. His keen design eye, ability to articulate his creative vision, and his organizational skills made for a great experience. He was a valuable addition to our design process."

Sample Marine

Chilly, Owner

"Will is very easy and efficient to work with. Will knows exactly what you want, and translates it perfectly into a website. He is quick to respond, which means everything to me. His pricing is more than fair, and combined with his professionalism, working with Will is truly a home run. Having tried creating a website on my own, I hands down prefer using Will."

Hyannis Port Yacht Club

Clare, Club Secretary

"Working with Will to design our new website was a great experience. He's extremely knowledgeable, creative, and conscientious. Our entire team was impressed with both his design and content skills. Will is an excellent partner because he understands his work so well and is able to balance the holistic needs of the project with the nitty gritty details. Beyond that, whenever we made a request that was beyond our initial scope, Will did the research and came back to us with options and recommendations. Throughout the process, he was responsive and easy to work with."

KJ Retreats

Juli, Co-Founder

"With Will’s help, we were able to take our idea to a website in just weeks! Will is a great resource for any company who needs a user-friendly professional website without all the confusion."

Kremer & Daughters

Constance, Founder and Principal Designer


"Working with Will was one word: easy.  

I had a site I had created for my design firm, but due to my lack of computer skills, I needed someone who could translate my vision into a finished site. With Will's help, I was able to move forward with a look I love."

SeaHill Consulting Group

Hillary, Co-Founder

"Will provided broad-based expertise specific for our marketing materials. He took the time to fully understand our business and provide us with suggestions to improve our website and company overview. We look forward to working with Will on future marketing material."


Pamela, Product Marketing Manager

"When writing blog posts about medical treatment, it can be a daunting task to make sure that the language is understandable to a broad audience. Will wrote a well-written, easy-to-read blog post for our website based on an in-depth interview. He was able to successfully turn the interview into an interesting and informative piece that has received high engagement from patients on our social media platform."

Squash + Education Alliance

Katie, Director of Strategic Development


"Will overhauled our social media presence at SEA. Prior to him coming on, our posts were dry and generic. Will systematized our posting with themes and schedules, and even created custom memes that were reposted by accounts with tens of thousands of followers. Will has a great sense of his audience and is able to adapt his style to those he is aiming to reach. Will's work is high-quality and reliable - he also proofed our entire website and made changes to improve consistency, voice, and grammar. I definitely recommend working with Will if you are aiming to upgrade your online presence and boost views, visits, and engagement."



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